Welcome to Janelle’s Journal where I think out loud. Feel free to read my thoughts.


But as you read, remember, my thoughts are always changing. What I think today is not what I will think tomorrow.




AUM. What does it mean? It’s the acronym and sound for what I’m feeling right now. A is from Awe. U is for unbelievable, and M is for Magnificent, Miraculous and Merciful. And put it all together and it’s the humming meditation sound of “aum.” Which is the sound of Divine creation according to the …

Meaning in Suffering

I love Victor Frankl. I remember reading his epic book Man’s Search for Meaning years ago. It touched me then and moves me still. Victor Frankl was an intelligent and highly accomplished Austrian Jew. His training was that of a neurologist and psychologist, and during WWII, he was imprisoned in a German Concentration Camp where he was …


I hope tomorrow to be a better person than I am today.  So feel free to follow along on Janelle’s Journey, but be compassionate, for I am still learning. I’m fully aware that my words may reveal my ignorance. Time and experience will surely sharpen my vision and increase my wisdom.