Brain Dreams

I’ve been having Brain Dreams–all about hurting heads. The first night after learning about Tyler’s brain tumor I dreamt of my computerized piano that I love and it was malfunctioning . .. it’s “brain” was broken and I was crying because I loved my piano and I was telling Cory and my brother Ryan, who were in the room with me, that it can still play and makes the most beautiful music. .. it just has a “Brain” problem right now. I was taking such care to dust it off and straighten up all the papers that were scattered on it (that was so symbolic of me having to sort through Tyler’s emails and figure out where in the heck all the passwords and stuff I didn’t know was etc.) .. . and of course Tyler would be my computerized piano because he is the smart computer guy who makes music and I LOVE my computerized piano. one of my prized possessions

and then last night I dreamt all about Tyler’s wife:

In my dream there was this woman and she was lying on the couch with a headache. . had been taking pills for life support and depression but now her head pain was nothing compared to his and she was telling me how she needed to be strong and not fragile and her trash can was so small but overflowing with trash so I offered to take it out and I couldn’t believe it but we were watching another lady on TV who had her head shaved from a brain tumor and she was covering it with cellophane and was saying how she didn’t look as beautiful anymore on that side of her head. It was all too close to home.

Needless to say, T is on my mind–hence the brain dreams–as is his entire family.