What are banings, and what do they have to do with bucket lists and dreams? Well, Matt and I have long wanted to add a word to the English dictionary and so we created a word for those strings you get when you peel your banana. The word we created is Banings (buh-nēngz). It means “banana strings.”

Matt looked up just what it took to get a word inducted into the dictionary and basically you have to get people using it. So looks like we need to launch a social media campaign. I told Matt I had a brilliant idea about creating a video and sharing it on social media where we outline our dream and ask people to share our new word and start using it. We had some funny script ideas in our head and then it dawned on us that we should probably check and see if there already was a name for said strings.

A quick google search revealed that banana strings already do have a name. They are called Phloem (pronounced flom), and are responsible for carrying nutrients throughout the banana. Well, I think banings is a way better name so I’m going to still move forward in hot pursuit of our dream.

I don’t think anyone would know immediately what you were talking about if you said, “I hate the phloem on bananas!” Whereas, I’m betting if you were to say, “I hate the banings on bananas!” 90% of people would say, “oh are you talking about those banana strings? I can’t stand them either!”

So here’s to replace phloem with banings! Keep your eyes peeled 😉 for our viral video. And totally kidding on the viral video. I’m really just excited to see if we can get people to agree that banings is a better name than phloem for banana strings.