Amazon Seller Support

Tonight I had the opportunity to dig deep as I spent 5 hours on the phone with Amazon Seller Support. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it is trying to get things done in their behemoth organization. I was actually feeling very proud of how well I handled all the headaches and hassles, but I must admit my patience still has limits. At hour 4 the happy tone of my voice faded to one of frustration. I wasn’t mean, just not generous. I had reached the bottom of my patience.

SO, two things I learned. First, my patience muscle is getting stronger as I can exercise my patience longer. Second, I still have room to improve. I’m not discouraged. I’m enthused. I’m confident there will come a day when I can sit on hold all day with Amazon Seller Support and not want to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon.

Update . . . just as I was about to publish this post, my phone rang with a call back from an Amazon supervisor. In fact, I’m on the phone with him now. He is proving super helpful and I’m getting a second chance to be gracious.

We just hung up after another 50 minutes on the phone (making it a total of 6 hours of my day on the phone today with Amazon Seller Support). I ended the night with oodles of patience. Redemption is sweet! The problems with my client’s listings still aren’t resolved, but my heart is at least at peace. Gonna get some epic sleep!


I’m a fan of the Stoics, especially Epictetus. As an emancipated slave, Epictetus was no stranger to hardship. I’m a grateful beneficiary of his hard-earned wisdom.

Men are disturbed not by things that happen, but by their opinions of the things that happen.

I know I’ve penned much on this topic before, but I won’t hesitate to write more as it has made all the difference in my life. I’m also religiously teaching this truth to my children for I wish I had learned it sooner.

Nothing is good nor bad but thinking makes it so.

The stories we tell ourselves create our heaven or our hell. Gosh, I just wrote that and it’s good. Wonder if I can improve upon it?

Heaven or hell? It all depends on the story you tell.

The more we can remain detached from outcomes, free ourselves from the good opinion of others, care less about being right and more about being kind, practice non-judgment, acceptance, allowance, and non-permanence, the more peace we will experience. And what is enlightenment but peace and love?

Epictetus, may have been a slave, but his mind was never in bondage. I’m going to emulate his example by watching the stories I tell about what happens to me and around me. I never want to surrender my freedom to the prison of my mind.


I want you to read this post while allowing the lyrics to the classic Simon and Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence” to course through your mind.

I’m not sure there is a sound to silence for silence is the absence of sound, but I sure do love the paradox the title implies. It’s profound–just as is the principle.

Silence is powerful because it allows the mind to clear. A clear mind invites inspiration.

Be still and know that I am God

In quiet the truth is manifest

Perhaps this is why

Silence is golden

But inspiration isn’t the only benefit of silence. Silence is a powerful tool you can use to increase self-control. Silence creates space. When we pause before speak or act, we are creating a pocket of time wherein we can consciously, not reflexively, respond.

Silence invites inspiration and protects our path. I want to practice the sound of silence and become a silent sage.


Wanting More

Wanting More is a topic near and dear to my heart right now. Here’s why:

Dr. Dyer was discussing the merits of wanting for others more of what you want for yourself. At the time I heard it I was trying to think of ways to help Tyler and his family stay afloat while also keeping KickFire afloat. I was feeling a little concerned about how to manage both–and do right by all– when Wayne imparted what I’m now calling, the wisdom of wanting more.

It was comforting to know that in my moment of crisis I wasn’t only looking out for my backside. I was pleased that I truly had an innate desire to make sure everyone was provided for and okay. But in my heart of heart, I couldn’t yet claim that I was the type of person who was wanting more for others that which I wanted for myself. I was just wanting everything to be okay.

In fact, I had moments where all I wanted to do was walk–no, run–away. It would be so easy for me to close up shop and have all of this no longer be my problem. But thankfully, the Good Lord, God, Universe, Spirit, or [insert your spiritual superpower semantics here], helped keep me feeling invested. He still helps me daily carry the burden. Had I to shoulder this burden alone, crushed I’d be already. God, friends, family, my entire KickFire Crew, and most importantly my faith, continues to pull me through–they always do.

And so this idea that I can want for others that which I want for myself–wanting it even more for them than I want it for me–meaning I don’t just want Rebecca and her family to also be provided for, but that I want them to be provided for as much as I want it for myself and then I add a dash, or a lump, or a full-fledge cup of even more wanting for them.

Yes, I also have a need for security, but I want it as much and now a little–no a lot–more for her than I want it even more for me. . . now that there is something. Something I want to strive for because it really wasn’t something I had even before considered.  When I heard Dr. Dyer speak about what I’m now calling the wisdom of wanting more, it hit me dead center. I knew it was true and what I wanted, not only for Rebecca’s security but for also for who I wanted to be. I, Janelle Page, want to be that type of person who wants more for others that of which I want for myself.

I’ve before heard the saying, “want more for others than you want for yourself,” and it isn’t nearly as powerful as wanting for others that which you want for yourself–to such a degree that you want to see them get what you want for yourself as much, and even more, than you want it for you.

It’s definitely the higher law and a beautiful companion to Jesus’ teaching:

Do unto others as you would have done unto you

The universe smiles upon those who want for others as much as and more so as they want for themselves. I always loved Zig Ziglar’s saying:

You can have anything in the world you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.

Perhaps we can apply the wisdom of wanting more principle to Zig’s teaching too and say:

You can have anything in the world you want if you first help enough other people get what you want.

Kill Your Darlings

Kill your darlings is a phrase I hear all the time and it’s always in reference to author’s and their works. Today, however, I discovered the quips universal application for it applies to all creations–excepting children, of course! 🙂

This afternoon as Cory and I discussed the need to release ourselves from the burden of running the toyline, I mentioned how I would have jettisoned it sooner had I known it was draining our resources. Cory’s reply was that there was no way T would have told us the dire straits for he couldn’t bear the thought of us killing his baby.

I’m not going to really kill this darling because I had the revelation of how I could simply give sole custody of our child to Tyler and Rebecca. The KickFire Classics Amazon Store does almost half a million in sales and really just needs someone to manage it full time. The only thing killing its profitability is the warehousing costs. As soon as we get rid of a bunch of the inventory, Rebecca and Tyler could move the goods into her father’s basement and actually run a nice business. It would be something she could easily manage and it would provide for their family.

My second kill your darlings experience of the day occurred this evening as I shared the Obtineo Kickstarter video with my family. A couple of people felt the video was too long and we should just start in the middle where Cory starts explaining the game. Rebecca mentioned it might be a little long and Chad said he felt it needed to be 2 videos as well. Now that I’ve heard it from a few people, I concede that they might be right. I don’t know how to tell Cory that we need to kill his darlings. I’m bad at slaying that which has been birthed. For I know the pains that go into birthing a child.

So kill our darlings we must be willing, for sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.

Spirit Connections, Energy, and Allowing

I promised to write more about what I learned last night at the John Edward event. There were many takeaways, but tonight I’ll write my insights surrounding spirit connections, energy, and allowing.

John allowed the audience to ask some questions at both the beginning and the end of the event. One lady said her sister was driving her crazy insisting that their dead mother was always with them. She said she can’t believe her mom is literally “always with her.” John’s reply was brilliantly insightful.

“Do you have Facebook?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Are your friends always with you?

“Well, no.”

But you are still connected, right?

John picked up the chair that was sitting on the stage and carried it around with him as he talked.

Just like your facebook friends are always connected to you even though they aren’t sitting right here by your side tonight, so are those that have crossed over to the other side. So, like your facebook friends, your mother is still connected to you.

And if you think about it, just as we can easily access those connected FB friends via our phones that we always carry with us, so too, can we access our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

John talked a lot about energy and how he carefully protects himself from negative energy. He explained that we all emit energy and told us to think of ourselves as a giant broadcasting station emitting energy waves as we walk around. The type of energy we emit determines the type of energy we invite back into our lives.

This concept wasn’t new to me as I have always believed that light attracts light, and negativity attracts negativity. etc.  But I had never applied the concept to challenging relationships. Basically, he was giving a woman–who had just come out of a bad relationship and had once again attracted a similar doof into her life–some advice. John explained that until she did the work to heal herself and let go of old baggage–particularly her inability to trust, be vulnerable, and let go–she would continue to attract broken men who could not be trusted. He said we all continue to attract into our lives those individuals and situations that will teach us what we still have failed to learn.

I made a mental note to carefully examine any drama in my life to see if I could determine the lesson I was still in need of learning. Recognizing the lesson that still needed learning is the only way to cut the drama.

The last energy teaching he imparted came at the closing. Right before we all left, he invited us to place our feet flat on the floor and rub our hands rapidly together. We were then instructed to place our left palm up and our right palm down and notice the energy. It was tangible. Next, he had us shake out our hands, rub them quickly together, and do the same thing, but this time we were to hover our hands over our neighbors. The energy force was easily doubled. He talked about energy, love and connection, and how it is the greatest force for good in the world. It was a touching reminder that everyone here on planet earth–and inside that hotel room–were my divine brothers and sisters with infinite potential. I felt the oneness, energy, beauty, and power of it all.

Finally, I loved when John talked about “allowing.” He feels one of the greatest gifts we can give is allowance. Allow others the freedom to be who they are. Focus on love. I love that word. . . ALLOW.  I’m going to allow others their beliefs, their journey, their path. I’ll focus on the little I can control and the rest I will allow to unfold. Thanks again Mr. Edward for the wonderful insights surrounding spirit connections, energy, and allowing.

Enabling Beliefs

If you get to choose what you believe, why would you ever choose to believe anything besides epicness? I was listening to Tim Ferris the other day as he and Ryan Holiday expressed their disdain for the sound of their recorded voice. Ryan explained that the reason they didn’t like the sound of their recorded voices was that when they heard it played back it sounded different than the way they were used to hearing it as they spoke.

Tim said, “I like that idea, and since it’s an enabling belief, I’m gonna adopt it.”

I really liked how Tim Ferris said that. It made my head wheels spin. I pondered as I peddled (I was on a mtn bike ride with my hubby) about beliefs and their power. I wondered why anyone would ever adopt beliefs that weren’t empowering? I then recalled words of wisdom from a mentor who said, “If something serves you, pick it up. If it doesn’t serve you, set it down.” I LOVED it then and I love it more so now. Tim Ferris’ words about enabling beliefs struck a chord.

I’ve been paying attention to my beliefs. I’ve been pruning negative and limiting beliefs while keeping and cultivating positive and enabling beliefs. I don’t see the sense of carrying around any belief or thought that doesn’t inspire me to be my best. If it weren’t so late I’d make a list of all my enabling beliefs I currently realize. The list would include:

I am a divine being

I am good

We are all divine beings

we are all good

I have infinite possibilities

we all have infinite possibilities

We control our perceptions and our perceptions control our reality

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

saying no means saying yes

nothing is personal

assumptions aren’t helpful

Reality is truth

Everything happens for a reason

Everything works together for our good

God is good

God is loving

God doesn’t punish or with hold love, ever

Resistance is suffering

God will supply

The universe will provide

to name just a few. I want to think and write more about my enabling beliefs, but right now I’m ready for some sleep.


Every Angle

One of my favorite things to do with life and ideas is to come at it from every angle. What I mean by that is nothing is ever as it seems. I was listening to a podcast today between Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday and I was intrigued with Ryan’s answer to Tim’s question:

If you could meet with any person (dead or alive) and ask them for guidance or direction, who would it be?

Ryan’s reply was pretty cool. He said he didn’t think asking someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with him and his likes, dislikes, proclivities, talents, and abilities would be as helpful as seeking guidance and advice from someone like his wife or friends who knew him well.

I was impressed with Ryan’s wisdom as the minute I heard Tim’s question, I began making a mental list of the people I’d love to ask for guidance, direction, and wisdom. I brought the subject up with my husband and as usual, he added yet another angle for me to consider. He liked Ryan’s insight and thought it was valid, but wondered whether those closest to us are sometimes biased. He feared that many times it takes an outsider to see undeveloped potential or skills, talents and abilities that those who already perceive us in their day to day manner, cannot see.

So me making a mental list of mentors I’d love to consult was not wrong or right neither was Ryan’s reply about wanting to seek advice from those who knew him best. Both have their pros and their cons, and it’s probably best to do both.

Anyhow, the whole conversation and situation reminded me once again that nothing is ever black and white, or simply this or that. Everything is a mashed up amalgamation. Hence, the need to study subjects, ideas, and beliefs from every angle–or else we run the risk of going through life with limited, tunnel vision.

The Art of Manifesting

I am officially a believer in The Art of Manifesting. I cannot deny that acting as if everything I need is already on its way, that God will provide, and that the Universe will supply actually works–with uncanny precision.

When Rebecca voice-messaged me Wednesday morning in a panic about needing to raise a boatload of money in order to get her husband home alive, I asked her for a number. She replied, “$80K.” I replied, “Thank you. Now that we have a number, I know what to aim for and we will do it.” She was shocked and I loved that the number didn’t even phase me. I told her I didn’t know how we were going to raise an additional $80k, but I knew that God knew how and that he would provide the way if Tyler was meant to come home so I threw it out to the universe. I said, “God, we need $80 more K. I don’t know how to get it or where to get it, but you do. Help me. Help us get T home.”

And I went about my day. Around noon Bodie reached out to Cory with his video idea. We took his first draft and helped him tweak it so it would be more compelling and then we launched it. As you know, the video went viral and landed us on the news and we are up to $120K. The amount will continue to increase as ABC 4 news is covering the story tonight.

In fact, their story just hit and here is a link:

My favorite part has to be where Glen called him “Ty the Diabolo Guy!”

I just sent Glen this text:

Janelle Page:

Glen the story turned out awesome! Thank you so much for running it and putting it together so well! You are a GEM! xoxo

+1 (206) 948-4849:

Thank you that means a lot. Hope it helps

And so I just want to throw out something to the Universe. I want to sell NSN and KFC. I’d like to sell the former for at least 1 million dollars. And I’d like to sell the latter for at least $100K.

I just told Matt and Cory. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds because I know it will! And that my friends is the power and art of manifesting! Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer for helping me realize its power.

Future Value

I just spent the evening watching a webinar by BCMS about selling your business. I learned much about business valuations that also applies perfectly to life.

Did you know that the biggest mistake business owners can make when selling their business is to attach a value or asking price to their business based on past performance? The gentleman presenting the information incessantly proclaimed that buyers purchase businesses for a variety of reasons and it is rarely for the reason the seller assumes. Additionally, buyers make purchase decisions based on the future value of a company, not on past performance or current circumstances. Therefore, your business’s potential is what they are buying.

My main take away from the seminar was you will sell yourself short every time if you try to value your business. Sellers should let those who are in the business of buying businesses pay for their future potential.

How, you may ask, does this future value principle apply to life? I think the answer is fairly obvious, but in case you can’t yet see the writing on the wall, allow me to make it explicit:

You are not your past. Your value is neither determined by your past nor even your present. Your value is best determined by someone infinitely more wiser than you, one who knows your ultimate potential. Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God precisely because he alone knows your future value.

You will sell yourself short every time if you try to value your business. Let those who are in the business of buying businesses pay for your potential.