Definitions and Limits

Tonight for FHE we watched two TEDx talks. The first one was by Sean Stephenson, author and therapist, entitled The Prison of Your Mind.  

The second talk was by Lizzie Velasquez called What Defines You?

Both talks were inspiring for each believed their conditions did not define, limit nor handicap them.

Lizzie closed her talk by asking the audience, “What defines you?”

I think most of us would answer that our positions, possessions, and abilities define us. Or perhaps our physical abilities, mental capacities, friends, family, and opportunities. But Sean would argue that we define ourselves. And that far too many of us sell ourselves short by putting bars and limiting beliefs around what we can and can’t do. We handicap our possibilities by living in the prison of our own minds.


I agree with Sean and Lizzie. Far too many allow others to define them while others sell themselves short by defining themselves.

We define ourselves.

What a scary and empowering thought.

Don’t like how you’ve been defined?

Re-define yourself.

There are no limits!