Dew Truth

Dew Truth? What in the world does that mean? Stay with me for I had some cool thoughts about truth the other day as I was pounding pavement. I realized that Truth has no agenda. What I mean by that is truth has nothing to prove. It doesn’t force itself upon you. It just always exists. It’s content to sit there stoically in the background as you go around searching for it, or as you live your life totally disinterested in it. Only people try to push truth–their truth. Perhaps that is why it is so repugnant when someone tries to push their truth upon you. Truth doesn’t have to be pushed for it has nothing to prove. Only people try to prove things. So sit back and relax and remember that truth always prevails.

Plus, pushing truth violates the beautiful unfolding of truth. You see, truth must be discovered individually. Each person must walk their own spiritual path and experience their own awakenings. The recognition of truth(s) is an awakening. And spiritual awakenings happen in due process of time.

In fact, speaking of due. . . trying to push what you know to be true upon someone else or “Trying to help them see truth,” or “Convince them of truth or the error of their ways” is like trying to show your friend dew at night. Imagine you are camping and your friend has never seen dew and frankly doesn’t believe it to be true. You are telling them all about it and testifying that it does indeed exist. You explain the science behind it, you wish you could find some dew right now to show them, but unfortunately dew doesn’t distill at night. If you think about it, your whole conversation trying to convince them of dew is a huge waste of time for in the morning your friend will simply discover dew to be true for himself. As night gives way to morning, (or darkness transforms to light), he will experience an awakening. He will emerge from his tent in the dawn and there it all its glory will be the morning dew. In fact, he can’t miss it for his feet will be all wet with it. And that’s how truth is. You can’t push it upon someone. You just let it distill. You let it exist till it prevails. So stop pushing truth (your truth especially). Simply let darkness give way to dawn–for you can’t step around dew once it distills. And that’s dew truth!