Dude here’s a thought for you:

Emotion is energy moving through your body.

e-motion=energy in motion in your body.

Energy, when harnessed, results in power. I think too many times we try to suppress our emotions instead of harnessing their power. Harnessing their power doesn’t mean acting out. If you are angry, harnessing your anger doesn’t mean you get to lash out and hit things, scream and throw a tantrum. No you don’t act out, you turn in.  Turning in means you acknowledge or recognize the emotion or energy moving through your body. Then you sit there with that awareness of your emotion. As you sit with your energy you can come to a deep understanding of what generated the energy or e-motion in your body. This turning in through analysis and investigation, leads to clarity and powerful action.

Remember, there are no negative emotions. No energy that moves through your body can be bad. Energy is energy. Sure, reacting can result in regrettable behavior, but e-motion that is recognized, analyzed, interpreted and harnessed, leads to clarity and power.

I think personifying your emotions is a helpful tool for harnessing powerful emotions or energy in your body. The next time you feel angry or upset, rather than resisting this e-motion, greet it. Say “Well, hello there anger! Have a seat.” Next, invite your anger to share its story. Really listen and welcome your visitor. Staying with your e-motion, rather than running from it, will allow you to transmute the energy into powerful clarity.

Never forget the meaning of e-motion.

Emotion is energy moving through your body.

Harness the energy for powerful clarity and action.