Game-Changing Observation

Here’s a game-changing observation.

Life is a game.

You are the player.

Get excited about the changing roles, the different sights, challenges, and terrains. Enjoy playing and experiencing each new level.

See yourself as an observer. Detach from everything. And simply see every moment, whether a triumph, a struggle, a victory, or a defeat, as simply an awesome event you get to experience.

None of this matters. We came into this world with nothing and the only thing we take with us is our wisdom, knowledge, and experience, essentially, we get to keep what we’ve become.

The more levels or games we get to play while we are here, all the better. Why wish for a life of ease, sameness, and calm? Not much is learned about sailing when sitting on a sea of stillness. It is through wrestling the winds and the waves that true sailors are made. Embrace the storms for the skills you’ll develop, and for the stories you’ll soon be able to share.

We came to this earth to gain experience. Thank the Good Lord for giving you many. Step back and look at your current situation as if you were a world traveler being given the gift of experiencing new sights, scenery, and terrain. Or fancy yourself as a video-gamer who has been given a new game to complete. Play your best, learn what you can, and be ready for the next level or change in games.  Isn’t seeing yourself as an observer in an ever-changing world–a world that was created to teach, train, and develop you as a person–an empowering perspective? Perhaps you now understand why I’m calling this post a game-changing observation.