John Edward Event

Last night I attended my first John Edward event. Divine synchronicity led to the discovery that he’d be in town and I couldn’t deny the cosmic coincidence. I figured $105 was a small price to pay to discover if John was a fraud or if his psychic skills were totally legit.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the consternation I felt as I walked into the Raddison. Thoughts of superiority surfaced as I was surrounded by others who were definitely not my peeps. I reprimanded my thoughts, allowing my heart to take the lead for I knew we were all divine beings with infinite possibilities. Beating back my rational mind’s attempts to judge, rank, classify and divide was my first win of the night.

My second win was finally meeting John in person. He was down to earth and totally legit. I loved how he instructed us in what he was doing as he was doing it. Hearing him explain how he received communications from the other side as he was receiving them helped me better understand my own abilities. I was completely fascinated and captivated. My only regret was not upgrading my ticket to VIP. It would have been $75 well spent.

It was a spiritual event. I came to love my fellow attendees and I felt our oneness. John taught about energy, unity and most importantly, love. He is a good man doing good things. A far cry from the evil, degenerate man I’d been led to believe I’d encounter dare I dabble in this type of debauchery.

My thoughts ran deep as I walked the few blocks back to my car.  The towering church office buildings and temple loomed large in what felt like a superficial show of power. The irony was not lost on me for the tables had been turned. I had expected the John Edward event to be the superficial show of power. It wasn’t. I left feeling the universal oneness of mankind. The importance of unity and love, and the power of the other side. I’ve attended the temple where all we do is work for those who have passed on and in a hotel room with a psychic, I felt that love and power in ways I’ve never ever felt within a Mormon temple.

I am excited to further hone my psychic abilities. I can’t wait to continue my studies so I can better serve my fellow beings. I loved John’s explanation of how we are still connected to spirits from the other side and how energy works. I will write about a few of the things I learned in tomorrow’s post, but for tonight, I want it on record that John Edward is truly legit. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to attend his event and learn more about psychic mediumship, the gifts of the spirit, and those who have crossed over to the other side.