Manifest Your Destiny

Okay, you all know I love Dr. Wayne Dyer and right now I’m reading his book Manifest Your Destiny. Basically, Dr. Dyer believes that we possess the power within ourselves to attract that which we want into our lives. And what is this source of power that allows us to create our desires? Our divine nature. As children of Gods, we too possess creative powers.

This isn’t blasphemy. Heck, I’ve co-created with God on 3 separate occasions. I gave birth to twins, and then two singletons. If I can procreate, surely I can co-create anything I want or need. Or maybe I can just allow or invite what I want or need into my life by being what I want or need.

If it’s true that like attracts like–and it is–then if I want more love in my life, I can attract more love by being more loving. If I want more peace, I can be more peaceful. Sounds simple, right?

But what if I want more money? How do I become money? Well, let’s look at what money provides. Money supplies freedom from want and provides a sense of security. Money allows us to buy things we need and even allows us to buy things we don’t need. We can use money to entertain ourselves and others, donate to charity, basically, money supplies us with a means to secure for ourselves that which we need and desire in our lives. So desiring money is really desiring the ability and freedom to be able to secure whatever you may want or need.

So desiring to attract money into your life is too broad. Figure out first why you want more money. What is it that you hope this money will do for you. Once you figure that out, you are in a position to start manifesting your destiny.

I don’t want more money (okay I won’t lie, having more money is always nice), what I really want is the peace of mind that having a lot of money–stashed away in case of a rainy day–supplies. I want security so I don’t have to rely on others. Which is smart and dumb. Smart that I want to be self-sufficient. Dumb that I think I have to hoard and stash my money away in case of a rainy day.

What if all I need is always accessible? What if I could gather my manna daily and stashing it away only caused it to rot? Is it too cumbersome to trust in God to supply or believe in my own abilities to provide for my family each day? Do I really need to trade my time now amassing protection against a future deprivation? A deprivation that really is only a state of mind? If we embrace abundance and believe in our ability to attract what we need into our lives, we will focus on living in the moment and enjoying every present second.

Gods are ever present. Gods don’t hoard. Gods know that all they ever need or will need is always available and they realize that whatever they currently have is always sufficient for their needs.

I began with the intent of discussing the principles of manifesting. I diverged, which is okay because I traversed some interesting terrain. But don’t worry I’m not done discussing this art. I’m just wrapping up for now because I want to go manifest my destiny by studying what has been written in my stars 😉 I’m off to study some astrology!