No Problems

I’ve been reading a really good book called There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. Dr. Dyer believes that there are no problems, just problematic thinking. We can overcome any problem by simply changing the way we think.

Dr. Dyer believes that the moment we succumb to worry, fear, anxiety, stress, etc. we cut ourselves off from our higher source. God is love, peace, and joy. Anytime we are feeling anything less than this, means we are out of touch with spirit. The key to finding solutions and eliminating problems lies in staying connected to God. No God= No good.

The moment you recognize a negative thought, change it. We get what we want. Conversely, we get what we don’t want. So the key is to focus your thoughts on what it is you want to have happen and don’t waste any precious energy on that which you don’t want to happen.

Case in point, today I caught an Uber ride to the airport. We were already cutting it close as our meeting went long. My flight was scheduled to leave Tampa at 6:45 pm. We left for the airport at 5 pm and hit rush hour. To make matters worse, the GPS took us to downtown. When we finally realized the mistake (I had a new Uber driver who had just moved to Tampa a few weeks ago so had no idea where he was going either), it was 5:45 and we still had 30 minutes to the airport. I felt a slight panic rise in my chest as I realized we had a serious problem. I was going to miss my flight. In that moment, I remembered Dr. Dyer’s teachings and instead of seeing this as a problem, I instead chose to focus on the fact that God was with me and if I needed to miss this flight I would, conversely, if I needed to make it I would. Instead of thinking, “I’m not going to make my flight,” I started thinking, “I’m going to make my flight.” I went from panic to peace in less than 10 seconds. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything would work out. I didn’t have a problem at all. What I did have was an opportunity to realize that missing my flight was no big deal. I’d get a hotel, stay another night and find another flight. I’d also probably make my flight too if I really needed too. Cuz that is how the Universe works.

I was able to enjoy the remainder of my drive with my Uber man and didn’t create any unnecessary stress for either of us. It was truly pleasant. I was really grateful for the concepts I had been studying and that I had a chance to apply them so soon after learning them. The early application has cemented the no problems perspective clearly in my quiver. And no, I don’t have a problem with that metaphor as I know exactly what it means. 🙂

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