On Purpose

I’ve been pondering a lot lately my life’s purpose. Seems like I’m doing a lot of good things in my life, but I feel like I’m not yet doing what would be most personally fulfilling to me. Too much of my day is spent responding like a puppet on strings to everyone else’s desires and needs. If I knew just exactly what I’d rather be doing, I’d dump it all and get to it, but truth be told, I don’t really know exactly what I’d rather be doing. . . .

Scratch that! I do know what I’d rather be doing. I’d rather study all day. I’m such a nerd. I LOVE learning. I LOVED being in school. I have always wanted to get my Ph.D. I don’t really long for those letters anymore because I realize I much prefer to study a bunch of subjects rather than just one, but I do want to devote the majority of my day (at least my 40 hour work week–haha who am I kidding–I work 80 hours work weeks) to study.

I guess I haven’t yet done it because I worry about how studying all day will provide for my family. I know this fear about monetization need not exist because every time I learn something new I dream up some type of product. When I started studying cryptocurrency, I developed the ethereum token and I worked to create a new PVC Satoshi figurine. Next, I dove into dream psychology and my intense focus led to the creation of my dream journal and night writer pens. Currently, I’m enjoying astrology and have a natal chart in the works.

I can spend hours studying and not even notice the time.  Last Saturday, I spent 4 hours straight in my astrology book and only noticed the time when I finally had to use the restroom. It was a total time warp. I want to do that every day and not just every other weekend.

Second to learning is teaching. I get a thrill out of sharing my knowledge. I used to think teaching was so rewarding simply because it was my natural gift. I now know, however, that teaching is just an expression and extension of my learning obsession. For me, there is no better way to learn than to teach. It formally cements the concepts.

I would, however, be lying if I didn’t admit my proclivity for the limelight. I thoroughly enjoy an audience and I do get quite the thrill out of captivating the minds of my audience. I love philosophical conversations and leading deep discussions. I must have been born in a Lyceum in my past life. Athens had to have been my former home.

So what then is my plan? Well, tonight we listened to our Daily Stoic Meditations and it was about the importance of beginning with the end in mind. One must set a direction or else you won’t be able to move toward it nor measure your progress. So my intention or direction is to create my own university curriculum. I want to continue my emphasis in Spirituality, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Neurology, Dream Psychology, Psychic Phenomenon, and Astrology. I’m going to refrain from listing more because I want to allow my path to unfold as I explore the realms I’m already enthralled with. All of these topics continually lead to others and I am open to going wherever I feel inspired to go.

My intention is to sell KickFire Classics and NutriScience Naturals. I would like to be free from both by January 2018. I would likewise enjoy freeing up my time from KFM. There are so many young ones looking to work for us. I think I will replace myself with one of them. I could maintain ownership and just do occasional consulting and presenting, but the reality is, if I spend my time learning in all these other areas, I will spend less time studying marketing –which means I will quickly fall behind. I won’t be as knowledgeable and effective as a marketing consultant which means I will no longer feel the best in my field–therefore, I would probably not feel comfortable charging $500-1,000 per hour for my time.

I will need to consider a bit more how I would like to proceed with KFM. Perhaps it won’t all feel so overwhelming once I remove some irons from the fire. Regardless, just writing this post on purpose made me feel on purpose. Good Night!