Psychic or Psycho

I had a fun experience the other night. I was telling my friend about dream work and she was telling me about her best friend that passed away a couple of years ago. I told her she should connect with her in her dreams. I told her a few ways how. And then I asked to see a picture of her grandma and to know her name and then I told her I’d try to connect with her too.

So I wrote down some questions in my dream journal before drifting off to sleep and as I entered my hypnagogic state I started experiencing rapid flashes of images, thoughts, ideas… all in a very telepathic way. I grabbed my journal and started recording some of them. I did that for about 30 minutes and then I awoke in the early morning hours and wrote down some more transmissions and then once again as I came out of sleep I experienced an abundance. I wondered if what I had received was psychic or psycho?

The only way to know would be to ask my friend. I decided I would do it later and in person. But my husband told me I shouldn’t wait and should just ask her so, after two days, I decided I did indeed want to know. So I sent her a text where I just basically copied and pasted what I had written down in my dream journal and I waited for her to reply . . . and she did:

Who are you?!

I told her “your psycho friend!” haha. She then proceeded to tell me all the ways I had literally nailed it. It was really remarkable as I’ve never tried this with someone else before. I always have cool dreams and record them each morning. I’ve communed with dead people, but never on someone else’s behalf.  It was SO rewarding. I do believe in ESP and psychic powers. I don’t believe anyone ever really dies, they just change form. I found this to be such a comforting experience because last night as I wondered what I would do without Tyler, I felt such a comforting peace knowing that he would be here to always run this company with me whether he was here physically or not. Pretty rad thought—psychic or psycho? Psycho, definitely not!