Dream Work

This Thursday I’ll be speaking to a bunch of entrepreneur majors at Weber State University about Dream Work. I presented at the same Nye Lecture Series last year and my presentation covered some foundational principles for success. This year, I was asked to speak again and was given the deadline of August for my topic submission. I hate supplying presentation topics so far in advance because I dislike being beholden to a topic that I may no longer feel passionate about or find relevant when presentation time rolls around. I purposely selected Dream Work as my topic as I felt it was broad enough to not box me in.

I’d love to start my presentation by asking the students what comes to mind when they hear the phrase “Dream Work?” I’m guessing the answers will include things such as:

Working a job that you love

Landing your dream job

Working toward your dreams

And while I intend to discuss those items, I also want to talk about the importance of doing dream work. I want to show them what I’ve done with my dreams and how I’m literally working them. I want to discuss the following:

  • Working–Here’s a quote I think I created: “Everything works out for those who don’t quit working.”

This principle has proved true for me. I always get on my knees as if everything depends on God and then get up on my feet and go to work as if everything depends on me. Things have always worked out for me and I think it is because I never give up. The obstacle becomes the way for me for in seeking to move it, go around it, or climb over it, I grow, learn, and ultimately, become.

  • Dreaming–Don’t stop believing! I think that is a song by Journey haha. But truly, I want to tell them that they can be and do anything they set their minds to. The universe conspires with those who take bold, persuasive action. We just must simply begin. I believe that each of us was born with music inside. We can’t let it die inside! We must play it! I want to encourage each of them to figure out what moves them. Find out what brings you joy and then do more of it! There is no excuse for mediocrity and to not do what you love. Life is too short. YOLO. Tony Hawk made a living doing something he loved, so did Michelangelo. What do you love to do? As Nike would say, Just Do It!
  • Be a Dream Worker. What does a dream worker do?
    • Dream workers ask, “How may I serve?” not “What’s in it for me?” When we go through life with an attitude of helping others to get what they want, the universe reciprocates by helping us get whatever we want. Yes, serve others, and the universe serves you. We live in an abundant universe. I want to emphasize to the students the power of operating from an abundance mindset and not a scarcity mindset. When we realize that there is enough and to spare, we can give of our time and resources abundantly for we know there will be enough and more to come. We will resist the small-minded manner of hoarding and competing. We will work to unite and share. We will build rather than tear down.
    • Dream workers work their dreams. Working your dreams means working on yourself. Our dreams increase self-awareness. We should stop sleeping through our dreams. I intend to teach the students about the importance of dream recall and recording. I will share with them my Dream Eye Fly journey and what our dreams can teach us. I will encourage them to start remembering and recording their dreams so that they can improve their waking life. I will close with the following:

Dream On. Work Your Dreams. Never Stop Dreaming.

And yah, I’m glad I chose Dream Work back in August for it’s still a relevant topic I’m highly passionate about. Should be good. Wish I had more time to prepare, but honestly, my time is highly occupied by other matters right now.

How May I Serve

There are two ways we can go through life. We can constantly ask, “What’s in it for me?” or “How may I serve?”

I’ve been guilty of both and I’ll tell you that when I remember to approach life with the latter attitude, I’m enthused. And I literally cannot think of a better way to describe how I feel when I’m serving others or thinking about how I can best serve others than “enthusiastic.” Check out the origin and etymology of the word enthusiasm:

from en- + theos god

To me, en theos means to have God within. It comes from  the Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be inspired

And what is really cool is that when we are inspired, we are in-spirit. Approaching life from the posit of “How may I serve?” puts us in touch with the Divine. We acknowledge the god within and the god in others. We live by–and are directed by–spirit.

When we ask, “what’s in it for me?” we are operating from ego. We simply serve ourselves, and many times at the expense of others. This position creates division and separates us from the whole of humanity. We are meant to be one. When we are one, we are Gods.

When we put others first, the universe conspires to put us first. Essentially, when we serve others, the universe serves us. This is a universal truth.  I meditate daily to condition my natural response to always be “How may I serve?” instead of “What’s in it for me?” I am well on my way to rewiring my brain so that I always operate from a place of abundance. The world is abundant. There is enough to spare and to share. I have been blessed with talents. I’d be a terrible steward if I didn’t share my abundance most generously.

Dreams About Money

Do you ever have dreams about money? In case you do, I’ll share with you a question a friend asked me. Hopefully, it will give you a little insight into some dream psychology and help you in your quest to learn a little more about yourself and what your subconscious is trying to tell you.


Is it true that you will lose money if you dream about it?

Janelle Page:

Oooh, what a great question! Let me tell you what I’ve learned concerning dreams about money.

First, a dream about money can mean many things because money symbolizes something different for every person. To one person, money can mean freedom, to another power, to another greed, to another happiness, to another security, etc.

So what I would suggest is the next time you have money appear in your dream, pay attention to what is happening to the money in the dream. For examples, are you organizing the money, are you short on money, are you swimming in money, etc.?

A dream about losing money in an upcoming investment you are making could mean you are being warned that it might not be a good investment choice. The other night, I dreamed that I had a wallet fat with money and I was giving everyone tips, and then my wallet wasn’t so fat, but I still had very large bills in there . . . some were backward and facing the wrong direction and I was taking the time to straighten out the bills and put them all facing the same way. I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but later I realized it had nothing to do with money, but was about me dispensing advice (aka “tips”) to people. You see, I like to share ideas, and my dream was telling me that what I often share with others also enriches them and doesn’t leave me the poorer . . .as the bills I still had left were large number bills like $100s and $50s.

The straightening of the money was telling me that I like to make sure the “tips” I am sharing are as correct as possible, so that is why in my dream I was laboriously taking the time to straighten out the bills and make them right.

SO, I wouldn’t worry about losing money just because you dream about it. .. instead I would try to find out why my subconscious is using money as the dream symbol to teach me and what it is trying to say.

One thing I do believe about money or any talent we have . . .  the more we are generous with it, the more we acquire. So your mom may be on to a true principle when she feels that if you fear losing money you will, because it’s probably best for God’s children (the Father of Abundance) to live with the abundance mentality rather than scarcity and fear.

Does that make sense?


Thank you. That information helps. Yes, that makes sense.

Janelle Page:

Have a great night and SWEET DREAMS!