Natal Chart

I’m having so much fun exploring my astrological┬ábirth chart, also known as a Natal Chart. It’s far more comprehensive than just your zodiac or sun sign reading. Here is my Natal Chart reading from and it explains me to a T:

Anonymous Sex F
Ogden, UT 49 United States 16/08/1978 09:06 – Julian day 2443737.13
Timezone -6.00 ST 5.17 Lat 41.13 Long 111.58


Anonymous’s sun sign describes her basic, most inherent personal nature and sense of self, it is how she identifies herself in relation to the world around her.

Some keywords that will help you understand Anonymous:

*A leader

Every Leo possesses a bit of the sun and each has a unique way of radiating her sense of self and her power. Born with a Leo Sun Anonymous promises to be dramatic, colorful and passionate.

She will be proud, oftentimes regal and will not mind being the center of attention and may, in fact, crave it. When an external spotlight does not appear Anonymous has no problem creating her own and will do so through drama, melodrama or a grand display of her talents.

One of Leo’s inherent traits is her pride. She supports this strong need for self-esteem by who and what she has around them. Hence, Anonymous draws her own sense of self from her friends, her lovers, the beautiful things she owns. This helps explain why she will tend to be so focused on appearances – hers and others.

Like the powerful male in a lion’s pride or the equally powerful alpha-female a Leo takes care of the people she has invested her heart into. She is fiercely protective, usually effuse in declaring her feelings and showers loved ones and lovers with gifts and trinkets, baubles and goodies. That can be a problem when her financial reality does not back up her need to lavish attention through her purchases. When Anonymous feels good about her life she feels good about herself and there is nobody brighter or more joyful to be around. Her optimism is contagious, her ability to lead and motivate is empowering and she attracts others like moths seeking a flame.

When Anonymous does not feel good about her life she finds it difficult to feel good about ‘self’ and the opposite of the bright, radiant sun-self surfaces, a dark, lonely being lost in the shadows of despair. A despairing Leo is a melodramatic Leo and everyone around them knows about her troubles.

In a relationship: Anonymous will want to show off her partner’s best side and loves nothing more than a date out in the big, bright world where others can notice them. Leo’s are playful, deliciously indulgent lovers and she has the ability to make her partner feel like the most magnificent person on the planet. She loves getting gifts and she loves giving gifts. Anonymous needs to be remembered and a surprise goodie is the perfect way to honor that. Anonymous will tend to tolerate dramatic displays from a partner – getting attention even if through a loud, passionate argument is better than getting no attention at all. She will not tolerate being ignored, feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of. An angry Leo is a force of nature that has no equal. Leo has claws. Leo is not afraid to use those claws when angry or defensive.

The Moon Sign helps you understand how a person will react in an emotional situation. It defines the manner in which she deals with her instincts, her self-protective nature and how she both nurtures and is nurtured.

Anonymous will be cautious and serious about investing herself emotionally. Heart affairs are serious matters and seldom pursued for frivolous whims or attractions. She will need to feel there is real potential behind a connection before she is willing to make an emotional investment.

Capricorn Moons can be calculating. A partnership must serve Anonymous’s long-term agendas and plans. Feelings are seldom “just feelings” but instead are tools that help achieve important goals.

When worried Anonymous will retreat and reflect. This Moon sign tends to disconnect when it feels threatened. She will protect herself by attempting to control and manipulate the external situation. She never forgets a wound – but can learn to forgive one.

Anonymous will always have an idea and that idea will tend to be big, bold, and showy. Conversations can quickly focus on “self” and self-involvement.

She is a strong, courageous thinker and may have profound leadership abilities. Has a way of stating her intentions in such a confident, self-assured manner that others easily fall into agreement.

she can be verbally bossy and won’t easily – or happily – follow someone’s else’s rules.

May be extremely outspoken.

Anonymous is a romantic creature with a deep appreciation for all the beautiful, poetic attributes of love. Dislikes coarseness, disharmony and harshness. Seeks to create a peaceful, balanced union.

She prefers a partner who can tune into her own personal needs and make choices for “both” that are appropriate to those needs. Will not be comfortable when forced into a decision and is usually skillful at sidestepping it.

Atmosphere and physical surroundings are very important. A romantic evening should be as artfully and aesthetically arranged as possible.

You may never really know with any certainty when Anonymous is moving after a goal. Her actions are quiet and geared towards making as few waves as possible. She invests her personal energy best when the waters around her are calm and when she has a clearly defined goal to attach to.

Unfairness and injustices (personal and transpersonal) are, however, capable of creating sudden fierce actions on her part. She is driven to bring equality into play.

A creative outlet can be a brilliant tool to harness her passions and ambitions.

Can find it hard to decide on a course of action.

Anonymous believes that expansion begins at home and looks there for support, understanding and generosity. Wraps her belief systems in a traditional framework. Needs to feel she is an important, supportive part of her loved ones lives.

Anonymous can be an obsessive worrier or may rebel against even the most practical concerns and become wild spirited and carefree. May become compulsive in regards to her diet and fitness regime or will cast them all aside without a second thought. She can become hypercritical if she feels her personal decisions are coming into question or if she is forced by circumstance to change her habits and routines. Needs to learn moderation in areas of personal health, fitness and in the caretaking of others. She can nurture a remarkable vitality through a good sense of humor combined with the right intent in regards to keeping herself healthy and fit.

Can make a compassionate, self-sacrificing healer with profound recuperative powers.

Anonymous belongs to a peer group that catalyzes societal change through the drastic input of sometimes volatile individuals and extremely focused group affairs. How the world deals with sexuality also experiences sweeping change. New diseases can surface which, in turn, breeds advancements in the field of medicine and health.

Anonymous expresses self through shared interests, altruistic concerns and her friendships. Needs to feel involved in positive change. Searches for a sense of life purpose through ideals and her ability to achieve something for the good of others.

Anonymous’s emotional body finds expression and comfort through her creative outlets. She may be a natural artist who channels her feelings into the treasures she creates. Often takes emotional risks.

Anonymous’s most important thoughts will be kept extremely private. Intuitive and resourceful. Enjoys problem solving on important worldly matters of a spiritual or altruistic nature. Feels most comfortable applying her ideas behind the scenes.

Appearances are important to Anonymous and she cares how others see them. Wears her heart on her sleeve. How her partner looks matters to Anonymous and she is more than eager to make-over and restyle her current romantic interest. Enjoys introducing her partner to others.

Anonymous is active, energetic, highly competitive and not afraid to act on passions, desires, ideas or needs. Believes in going out and getting what she wants. Inspires those around her to become more active. Chooses a physical approach whenever possible.

She has a strong need to be involved with others of like mind. Enjoys humanitarian ideals and objectives. Usually has excellent leadership qualities when she believes in the cause. Friends are drawn to her supportive, encouraging aura.

Anonymous will tend to put strong limits on her personal dreams. She is seldom comfortable with her intuitive body and finds practical, logical ways to apply intuition or instinct. Has immense gifts of intent, focus and self-discipline available to those in need. Works most comfortably behind the scenes in a setting where something is being done for the “good of all”. Psychic abilities are possible.

Anonymous experiences extreme changes in her personal finances at different periods through out her life. She can move from pauper to millionaire back to pauper back to millionaire. May earn her living income through unusual methods or in unusual ways. Can be an impulsive spender. Has unusual tastes in personal collections.

Dreamy, creative and usually talkative Anonymous may find it hard to stay focused on any one subject. Will tend to have considerable literary talents but must find a realistic way to focus and utilize them. She may promise far more than she is capable of carrying through with. Learns by osmosis. Prefers intuitions to cold, hard facts.

There is an unmistakable intensity about Anonymous. Her eyes may be deep and penetrating, the kind of eyes that seem to see through all the veneers of situation right to its truth. She will tend to be in control of her immediate environment and everything from the way she moves through her manner of conversation speaks of power. Yet, she is probably not comfortable in any kind of spotlight and will tend to remain on the sidelines, ever watchful.

Sun in Conjunction to Mercury

Communications come easily to Anonymous especially when it involves expressing her own ideals, needs, desires and ambitions. Others tend to find her sincere when speaking her mind. A dynamic conversationalist with a gift of words – even if she becomes a little self-focused from time to time.

Venus in Conjunction to Mars

Passionate, sensual, highly proactive when it comes to love and romance. She is seldom shy about her needs and enjoys a physically active partnership. May possess powerful artistic talents including those connected with performing.

Mercury in Conjunction to Saturn

A strong, critical thinker capable of applying discipline and common sense to complex matters. Anonymous is probably not fond of small talk or conversations that seem to have no point to them. Adept at putting things together. Loves an intellectual challenge.

Venus in Conjunction to Pluto

Sensual, charismatic and sexually intense. She has deep, smoldering desires and believes in the power of her sexuality and sensuality. Usually unshockable. Has a very strong attachment to her intimate fantasies which also run on the intense side. Magnetic aura. Tends to be loyal and expects loyalty in return.

Moon in Opposition to Jupiter

Anonymous can may feel out of control of her surging emotions. Tends to experience extreme emotional highs and extreme emotional lows. Often needs to learn to balance how much she gives and what she expects in return from an emotional attachment. Can overreact to disappointments or worries.

Mars in Conjunction to Pluto

Anonymous possesses the kind of personal power and magnetism that makes almost any goal achievable. Passionate, ambitious and resourceful. Nothing stands in the way of victory. Thrives on competition when the playing field is equal.

Sun in Conjunction to Saturn

Anonymous tends to take a serious approach to her self-identity and her life during her early years and becomes younger at heart as she grows older. Responsible and self-disciplined. Capable of focusing her personal power to achieve her goals and convictions.

Carries high expectations both of self and others. Is careful in the way she expends her personal energy. Seldom – if ever – impulsive.

Jupiter in Sextile to Ascendant

Anonymous has a larger-than-life persona|personality. Expresses herself dramatically. Her inherent personality traits, her fears, desires and passions tend to be amplified. Has the gift of making others feel comfortable and good about themselves.

When Anonymous opens her front door she “expects” to find a sun-filled, opportunity-rich day await her. If she finds, instead, clouds, rain and darkness she seldom concedes defeat and instead barges ahead ready to make the most of things.

Sun in Trine to Neptune

Anonymous possesses a magnetic, intriguing, oftentimes enchanting personal aura. The people in her life tend to see Anonymous as Anonymous wants to be seen. May be a powerful spiritual role model when the rest of her personalities supports it.