Simulated Reality

I am laughing and curious about this new concept I first stumbled upon by Elon Musk. He posited that we live in a simulated reality. He delved next into artificial intelligence and matrix-like realities and, frankly most of it went right over my head. His brain is far more intelligent than mine.

So the other night, when I saw a course on a similar subject, I decided to click. I spent a hundred or so dollars on a few audio books and have been listening to them between projects and I’m having a bit of a good time. My judge thinks the dude is crazy but then I remind myself that he is me and that only my eog likes to separate myself from others and when I do this I see him as simply a soul who has experienced some truth that he’s trying to share with others. Just because his truth doesn’t resonate with me doesn’t mean I should label him crazy. Perhaps, I’m not yet to the same enlightened state he is and one day I will awaken to the same knowledge and he won’t seem so crazy. Or perhaps he isn’t yet awakened to the state I’m at and his beliefs will change.

We are all the same in that we are all learning, growing, evolving. We come from the same Divine Being and we breathe the same air. The same life force flows through us and we have far more in common than not. When I listen to his thoughts in this frame of mind it makes the “who is wrong, who is right?” question disappear. Instead of getting involved in an intellectual argument and putting up barriers to his message, I’m able instead to simply observe his thoughts and take what I find useful and leave what I don’t. Personally, I have no desire to sit around meditating for 20 minutes at a time trying to achieve altered states of consciousness. I’d rather go out and ride my bike really fast and achieve an altered state that way. That’s my peference. Perhaps, he’s not too keen on speed and wheels. To each his own. At least we both agree that taking a break from the mundane and entering higher states of experience are desirable. The manner in which we commune with God, nature, ourselves, and others isn’t nearly as important as the fact that we do.

Wheter or not we live in a simulated reality seems to me a moot point. What is a sim anyway but simply a passing world created for growth, experiment and play? If that’s our definition then yah, we live in a sim. I’m looking forward to enjoying this sim, the next, and as many as I have the pleasure and privilege of playing.

On a side note, what I become is far more important to me than what type of world I live in. So I guess I’m just not too concerned about the material existence of this world and what is and isn’t reality. My reality is that I want to become a kind, caring, loving person. I want to become an intelligence–artificial or not–committed to serving and caring for all my fellow intelligences. Intelligent LOVE. ūüėČ

Dig a Little Deeper

I used to do this Insanity workout with Shawn T and anytime there was a grueling part of the workout he’d encourage us to not give up and dig deep. I was reminded of this yesterday when reading Dr. Dyer’s admonitions on generosity. Whenever you feel the impulse to give, ask yourself if you could give a little more for you can never give yourself poor.

This principle has universal application. If someone is driving you crazy and you think you can’t stand their insanity one moment longer, Dig Deep. Take a breath–or two–and dig a little deeper. Hold your tongue, your smile, and your loved ones just a little longer. You can always give a little more. Remember, it’s impossible to give yourself poor. The universe rewards those who share their stores.


I want you to read this post while allowing the lyrics to the classic Simon and Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence” to course through your mind.

I’m not sure there is a sound to silence for silence is the absence of sound, but I sure do love the paradox the title implies. It’s profound–just as is the principle.

Silence is powerful because it allows the mind to clear. A clear mind invites inspiration.

Be still and know that I am God

In quiet the truth is manifest

Perhaps this is why

Silence is golden

But inspiration isn’t the only benefit of silence. Silence is a powerful tool you can use to increase self-control. Silence creates space. When we pause before speak or act, we are creating a pocket of time wherein we can consciously, not reflexively, respond.

Silence invites inspiration and protects our path. I want to practice the sound of silence and become a silent sage.


Inert Objects Don’t Progress

I love when I wake up from a dream cycle with a quote coursing through my mind. This morning I awoke as I was writing this thought down:

Inert objects don’t progress

I quickly looked up the definition to make sure I captured the full meaning of my dream quote and every definition resonated with events occurring in my life right now and in my dream last night:

1: lacking the power to move
2: very slow to move or act : sluggish
3: deficient in active properties; especially : lacking a usual or anticipated chemical or biological action
There has been a lot of change the past few months in my business and personal life. Yesterday I was consulting with a large neutraceutical company and a full-time position, very attractive, was suggested. I can’t stop thinking about it and what it could mean.
Additionally, change is something I’ve come to expect and accept. Rather than fear it, I try to enjoy and embrace it for the opportunity it is. Like I penned the other day in my Observations post: the more scenes we get to observe the better, right?
In my dream, an office worker was upset over a job she had applied for that she was certain she would not get. I told her that if she didn’t get it something else would come along. I shared all the best of my Zen, Toltec, and Stoic wisdom:
When one door closes another one opens.
God will provide and the universe will supply.
Everything you need is already on its way.
Remember the power of intent. You can manifest your desires and all your wishes can be fulfilled.
I assured the woman that since she was honest, kind, and hardworking she would always find success–so chin up and keep doing your best! She smiled through her tears and thanked me for my words. Everyone in the office who heard my speech was equally inspired. I walked to the back room wherein sat Oprah Winfrey. I was moving around some of her O Magazines and I¬†wondered if she heard my speech for she was smiling kindly upon me. I figured she would want to make me a regular on her talk show. Haha. . . seems my subconscious is keenly aware of who the Gods of this world are and why the “philosophies of men” were rining so powerfully true to my “worldly” co-workers. I must be “of this world” for I–like them–have found these “philosophies” mighty inspiring, impactful, and true. They’ve not only helped me in my personal life, but I’ve witnessed how my sharing of these truths with others has helped them too. This phenomenon was illustrated further in my subsequent dream scene:
I was in a car and an old gentleman was curled up in the back seat. It was apparent he was sad from the recent passing of his wife. His feet were wooden blocks which symbolize to me his inertia or inability to handle the change and move on. His wooden “soles” also symbolized the fact that his soul was deadwood. I began pouring a pitcher of water (symbolizing the “living water”) slowly onto the back seat of the floor of the car. Matt was watching me administer this healing balm, however, I felt that it wasn’t working as the man curled up tighter into a ball, retreating further in distraught.
Recognizing that my actions were not resonating, I set the pitcher aside and instead picked up some of the man’s personal belongings. One of which was his golf pants. They were nice slacks with tiny white polka dots. I folded them for him and complimented him on his nice pants. As I began to ask him all about his pants and his life, he¬†came alive. He moved to the front seat and began telling me about his business and the hard decisions he was facing as he had to decide whether or not to close down one of his departments. I told him that whatever he decided to do he would be fine so long as he did it in love. The man, with my words of wisdom, was able to accept and embrace the change for the growth opportunity it was. He, like the office woman in my previous dream scene, simply needed perspective and help from someone with greater wisdom and vision.
These dreams from last night reminded me of the many changes that have occurred recently in my life, personally and professionally. Change is good for inert objects don’t progress.¬†
My key takeaways:
Choose that which is best for you. When you are doing what you love and were meant to do, you are able to bring the most good and love to others because  you are living inspired (aka in spirit).
Everything is always an upgrade if you let the change or challenge teach and change you (oooh this topic is worthy of a post or book in and of itself “Changing through the Change” or “Changing through the Challenge” or “Change through Challenge” “Challenged to Change”)
Inert objects don’t progress.¬†

Game-Changing Observation

Here’s a game-changing¬†observation.

Life is a game.

You are the player.

Get excited about the changing roles, the different sights, challenges, and terrains. Enjoy playing and experiencing each new level.

See yourself as an observer. Detach from everything. And simply see every moment, whether a triumph, a struggle, a victory, or a defeat, as simply an awesome event you get to experience.

None of this matters. We came into this world with nothing and the only thing we take with us is our wisdom, knowledge, and experience, essentially, we get to keep what we’ve become.

The more levels or games we get to play while we are here, all the better. Why wish for a life of ease, sameness, and calm? Not much is learned about sailing when sitting on a sea of stillness. It is through wrestling the winds and the waves that true sailors are made. Embrace the storms for the skills you’ll develop, and for the¬†stories you’ll soon be able to share.

We came to this earth to gain experience. Thank the Good Lord for giving you many. Step back and look at your current situation as if you were a world traveler being given the gift of experiencing new sights, scenery, and terrain. Or fancy yourself as a video-gamer who has been given a new game to complete. Play your best, learn what you can, and be ready for the next level or change in games. ¬†Isn’t seeing yourself as an observer in an ever-changing world–a world that was created to teach, train, and develop you as a person–an empowering perspective? Perhaps you now understand why I’m calling this post a¬†game-changing¬†observation.

Enabling Beliefs

If you get to choose what you believe, why would you ever choose to believe anything besides epicness? I was listening to Tim Ferris the other day as he and Ryan Holiday expressed their disdain for the sound of their recorded voice. Ryan explained that the reason they didn’t like the sound of their recorded voices was that¬†when they heard it played back it sounded different than the way they were used to hearing it as they spoke.

Tim said, “I like that idea, and since it’s an enabling belief, I’m gonna adopt it.”

I really liked how Tim Ferris said that. It made my head wheels spin. I pondered as I peddled (I was on a mtn bike ride with my hubby) about beliefs and their power. I wondered why anyone would ever adopt beliefs that weren’t empowering? I then recalled words of wisdom from a mentor who said, “If something serves you, pick it up. If it doesn’t serve you, set it down.” I LOVED it then and I love it more so now. Tim Ferris’ words about enabling beliefs struck a chord.

I’ve been paying attention to my beliefs. I’ve been pruning negative and limiting beliefs while keeping and cultivating positive and enabling beliefs. I don’t see the sense of carrying around any belief or thought that doesn’t inspire me to be my best. If it weren’t so late I’d make a list of all my enabling beliefs I currently realize. The list would include:

I am a divine being

I am good

We are all divine beings

we are all good

I have infinite possibilities

we all have infinite possibilities

We control our perceptions and our perceptions control our reality

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

saying no means saying yes

nothing is personal

assumptions aren’t helpful

Reality is truth

Everything happens for a reason

Everything works together for our good

God is good

God is loving

God doesn’t punish or with hold love, ever

Resistance is suffering

God will supply

The universe will provide

to name just a few. I want to think and write more about my enabling beliefs, but right now I’m ready for some sleep.


Every Angle

One of my favorite things to do with life and ideas¬†is to come at it from every angle. What I mean by that is nothing is ever as it seems. I was listening to a podcast today between Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday and I was intrigued with Ryan’s answer to Tim’s question:

If you could meet with any person (dead or alive) and ask them for guidance or direction, who would it be?

Ryan’s reply was pretty cool. He said he didn’t think asking¬†someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with him and his likes, dislikes, proclivities, talents, and abilities would be as helpful as seeking guidance and advice from someone like his wife or friends who knew him well.

I was impressed with Ryan’s wisdom as the minute I heard Tim’s question, I began making a mental list of the people I’d love to ask for guidance, direction, and wisdom. I brought the subject up with my husband and as usual, he added yet another angle for me to consider. He liked Ryan’s insight and thought it was valid, but wondered whether those closest to us are sometimes biased. He feared that many times it takes an outsider to see undeveloped potential or skills, talents and abilities that those who already perceive us in their day to day manner, cannot see.

So me making a mental list of mentors I’d love to consult was not wrong or right neither was Ryan’s reply about wanting to seek advice from those who knew him best. Both have their pros and their cons, and it’s probably best to do both.

Anyhow, the whole conversation and situation reminded me once again that nothing is ever black and white, or simply this or that. Everything is a mashed up amalgamation. Hence, the need to study subjects, ideas, and beliefs from every angle–or else we run the risk of going through life with limited, tunnel vision.

The Art of Manifesting

I am officially a believer in¬†The Art of Manifesting.¬†I cannot deny that acting as if everything I need is already on its way, that God will provide, and that the Universe will supply actually works–with uncanny precision.

When Rebecca voice-messaged me Wednesday morning in a panic about needing to raise a boatload of money in order to get her husband home alive, I asked her for a number. She replied, “$80K.” I replied, “Thank you. Now that we have a number, I know what to aim for and we will do it.” She was shocked and I loved that the number didn’t even phase me. I told her I didn’t know how we were going to raise an additional $80k, but I knew that God knew how and that he would provide the way if Tyler was meant to come home so I threw it out to the universe. I said, “God, we need $80 more K. I don’t know how to get it or where to get it, but you do. Help me. Help us get T home.”

And I went about my day. Around noon Bodie reached out to Cory with his video idea. We took his first draft and helped him tweak it so it would be more compelling and then we launched it. As you know, the video went viral and landed us on the news and we are up to $120K. The amount will continue to increase as ABC 4 news is covering the story tonight.

In fact, their story just hit and here is a link:

My favorite part has to be where Glen called him “Ty the Diabolo Guy!”

I just sent Glen this text:

Janelle Page:

Glen the story turned out awesome! Thank you so much for running it and putting it together so well! You are a GEM! xoxo

+1 (206) 948-4849:

Thank you that means a lot. Hope it helps

And so I just want to throw out something to the Universe. I want to sell NSN and KFC. I’d like to sell the former for at least 1 million dollars. And I’d like to sell the latter for at least $100K.

I just told Matt and Cory. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds because I know it will! And that my friends is the power and art of manifesting! Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer for helping me realize its power.

The Mind of God

Yesterday I began formulating an idea I coined¬†The Perfection Paradox. Today, as I hiked¬†Adam’s Canyon with Thor, I thought more about this perfection paradox, the purpose of mortality, and Tyler’s situation. Thinking upon these topics led me to consider the will of God and the mind of God. It is the latter I wish to write more about today for Christian theology teaches that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. We are taught that the reason we cannot comprehend the things of God is that our minds are finite while His is infinite. Finite means with bounds. Infinite means having no bounds.

Finite means having limits while infinite means having no bounds.

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about my mind and the mind of God and here’s the deal, I don’t believe that God made limits to my mind. I don’t believe he would create my mind in a way that it could not comprehend His. In fact, I believe God would do the exact opposite for I believe that God wants nothing more than for me to come to comprehend His ways. The whole purpose of me being here on Earth and having this experience is so I can come to be like Him. Being like him means thinking like him. My mind must come to comprehend what His comprehends. That’s the whole point!

Therefore, I reject the idea that my mind is finite. In fact, nothing about me is finite. I am an infinite, divine being, and as such, I have the ability to comprehend the things of God. I don’t need to accept answers such as, “We just can’t comprehend that because God’s ways are not our ways.” That’s a cop out! No wonder atheists¬†get annoyed with Christians. We reinforce lazy thinking. Instead of trying to understand God’s ways, we throw our hands up in despair and declare, “Well, I guess our finite minds just can’t comprehend God’s infinite ways!” LAME!

I will not stop seeking for I believe God gave me a mind capable of comprehending all He comprehends. Why would he design me any other way? And don’t try to tell me he doesn’t want us to understand everything because he wants us instead to have faith. Yes, he wants us to have faith, but to me, faith is an actual power–like electricity–that allows us to act. Faith empowers us to learn, teach, create, inspire, and change the course of events. It is not a simple belief in things that we think we are incapable of understanding. ¬†It takes faith to work toward acquiring the mind of God. It takes faith to learn the complex mathematical equations and work the proofs so that we end up with the answers and the understanding–the Godly comprehension that we came here to acquire. Faith is what we apply in our learning. Faith is doing the work because we believe by so doing we will come to comprehend. And it can happen now–in this life. Dying alone doesn’t create comprehension. Sure, it will provide additional insight, but just because you get to see the machine behind the magic curtain, doesn’t mean you now understand how it works. Yeah, it won’t work like that. So best start studying the principles of engineering now for you don’t have to wait¬†until you die to acquire the Mind of God and comprehend all that He comprehends. You can start comprehending now. It may take you many lifetimes, because who knows how many lifetimes it took Him to gain the knowledge and understanding He has acquired.

Faith is not just simple belief in things we think we cannot understand. ¬†It takes faith to work toward acquiring the mind of God. It takes faith to learn the complex mathematical equations and work the proofs so that we end up with the answers and the understanding–the Godly comprehension that we came here to acquire. Faith is learning in action. Faith is doing the work because we believe by so doing we will come to comprehend. And it can happen now–in this life. Dying alone doesn’t create comprehension. Sure, it will provide additional insight, but just because you get to see the machine behind the magic curtain, doesn’t mean you now understand how it works. Yeah, it won’t work like that. So best start studying the principles of engineering now for you don’t have to wait¬†until you die to acquire the Mind of God and comprehend all that He comprehends. You can start comprehending now. It may take you many lifetimes, because who knows how many lifetimes it took Him to gain the knowledge and understanding He has acquired.

Dying alone doesn’t create comprehension. Sure, it will provide additional insight, but just because you get to see the machine behind the magic curtain, doesn’t mean you now understand how it works. So best start studying the principles of engineering now for you don’t have to wait¬†until you die to acquire the Mind of God and comprehend all that He comprehends. You can start comprehending now. It may take you many lifetimes, because who knows how many lifetimes it took God to gain the knowledge and understanding He currently has. But for me and my house, we will keep studying, learning and comprehending.

Don’t Let Me Die Till I’ve Learned to Love

I was writing my post yesterday about the Universe manifesting that which we need right when we need it most and it led me down the rabbit hole of the meaning and purpose of life. I found myself having deep realizations or revelations about why we are here and what we are to accomplish. I recognized so clearly that the whole purpose of our life’s experience is to help us gain wisdom. And wisdom can be acquired in one of two ways:

  1. through personal learning–meaning we must experience insights from our own life–or
  2. through studying and observing the lives of others

And what is it we are to learn?







And More. .

But above all these is Love for Love encapsulates all other virtues. And so if one lifetime is sufficient to teach us all we need to know to live perfectly in love, then one lifetime is all we will need. But personally, I believe I will never learn to love perfectly in one lifetime. Already I feel the crunch of time,  and I worry that I will never learn all that I need to learn nor glean all the wisdom I need to glean in order to be perfect.

And that is why the idea of having multiple lifetimes to learn, gain greater insights, and additional wisdom, along with practicing love is growing on me. I find it extremely comforting for it lessens the pressure to become perfect now. I am able to let go of the frantic, frenetic pace to voraciously consume one more book or implement one more idea about becoming better. Instead, it invites me to slow down, be present, and take my time. For time is never ending, and I have sufficient if this “life” “time” is just one of many.

Yes, I want to learn as much as possible from this particular “life” “time” but I need not worry about learning it all for I will have other classrooms to which I’ll be called to study. I will collectively accumulate knowledge, experience and wisdom that will bless me and others as I progress from each life to the next.

Will I ultimately one day be perfected then? I don’t know. It seems like the more perfect¬†I become the more “perfection” moves for I’m able to see more clearly what perfection means. And so increased understanding moves my target farther yonder. Can one not see the beauty of the perfection conundrum? The better I become the more perfectly I see, therefore true perfection is always just a little out of reach–for how I now see perfection is clearly different than how I saw it before for I am different than I was before because I am seeing a little more perfectly than I was seeing before.

So perfection is like a floating bar that moves with me, ever so slightly ahead of me, as we both progress higher. I’m okay never attaining perfection for to me it is merely the pursuit of perfection that helps me more perfectly see. And it doesn’t feel like some cruel trick where some task master is keeping perfection forever out of my reach. Instead it’s a beckoning, a calling to move ever higher in a most thrilling climb where each move increases my view, it heightens my perception and elevates my perspective.

I am rambling now as these are literally brand new thoughts. They require much more thinking. Time will help me refine these ideas, but I do know I’m on to something because right now as I write my¬†soul is singing. And when my soul sings, I’ve come to know it’s truth that rings.¬†

I once penned these words after making a climb atop a precipitous rock:

The higher I climb the more clearly I see. 

WOW, I think I’ll end with those powerful words. I want to ruminate a bit more so I can refine and perfect this theory I’m considering calling¬†the paradox of perfection or the perfection paradox. Stay tuned for more.