The Way We See

I’m reading Byron Katie’s epic book “Loving What Is.” And I’m loving it! I’ve come to realize that:

we are both the problem and the solution to our problems

I particularly enjoyed the example Byron used to illustrate how the way we see impacts everything. She shared the example of a projector. If the lens of the projector has lint on it, the movie screen will appear to have the flaw. We can try to remove the flaw from the movie screen, but all our attempts will be in vain as it is the projector lens that has the problem.  So long as the lens features a flaw, it will project that flaw onto everything else. To get rid of the projection problem, we need not concern ourselves with the movie screen. We need simply to clean the lens.

That is so how we live our lives. We try to change others when what we really need to change is ourselves. This truth reminds me of Jesus’s teaching about first removing the beam from your own eye before seeking to remove the speck of dust from the eye of others. It also reminds me of something Stephen Covey taught about how the way we see others is really a reflection of how we see ourselves.

I like to sum it all up this way:

When we finally see that the problem is “me,” we’ve finally found the solution.

The way we see is of paramount importance.