Things Fall Apart

I all of a sudden just remembered a dream where the theme was “Things fall apart so we can practice putting them back together.”

Well, that is how the past 6 days have been. Finding out about Tyler was sad news and it has been a bit crazy over here trying to figure things out and hold down the fort in the absence of my right-hand man. I have had my world fall apart once before and I survived. In fact, I’m a better person today because of it.

This turn of events hasn’t shaken me like the first. I’m stronger now–more mature. I realize that this is life. Things fall apart so we can practice putting them back together. God’s in training must become expert problem solvers. Every problem has a solution, and love and service are all that really matter anyway.

You know what? If T doesn’t come back, I think I’m going to retire and just write poetry on a deserted island for awhile. I’m already feeling a deep need to retreat, rest, recover, commune with God and spirits, and just sit still for a long, long time.

I’m not ready to let Tyler go. Dammit! Tyler, hello? Did you hear your boss lady? I’m not ready for you to go! If you leave the KickFire Crew, I don’t wanna do this! Remember, I told you a million times. . .  I don’t want to run a company without you! I need my perfect partner to proceed. Spirit partners ain’t good enough on this venture. . it will be fine for writing songs in the wilderness, but I need you here in person to chop sites and talk shop. . . I need to hear your funny jokes, your smart-ass remarks, and your daily Bonjournos. Get better fast T! My head’s starting to hurt. 😉