I’m reading Scott Adam’s book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.”


It’s good.


Really good.


He’s witty, entertaining, and has keen business advice.


One takeaway from the book–of many–is the power of affirmations.


Normally, I’d consider affirmations fluffy woo-woo, but since Scott’s pretty rational, I’m considering testing it out.


I’ve dabbled in real estate since I was 22. In fact, I helped build the largest down-payment assistance market in the nation that largely led to the housing meltdown in 2008. I also made a killing as real estate agent mastering the HUD officer and teacher next door program, and then my husband and I did decently well buying and selling multi-family properties–and even flipping a single family home.


My interest in real estate was re-kindled several years ago when I started investing in REITs, and buying single family homes. I spend considerable time now building portfolios and am considered by the IRS as an active real estate professional.


I would like to create an affirmation around my real estate endeavors. I’m going to be one of the largest female real estate moguls in Ohio and Indiana.


Second, I have never had affirmations surrounding my marketing ventures. I am the greatest female marketer of all time. I have helped more businesses increase their income and build multi-million dollar businesses than any other female entrepreneur.


Additionally, I have built the largest blue collar university online. It’s a masterclass version of blue collar trades.


Oh, and one cannot forget that I have helped more creators launch multi-million dollar brands than any other human being on the planet. I am the go-to girl for product launches and creating multiple streams of income.


I am the greatest mother to my four precious children, Luke, Page, Jane, and Gwen.


Finally, I am the kindest, most compassionate human being who has ever walked this Earth, next to Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.


Perhaps this is too many affirmations to have all at once, but I figure if I can look them over each and every morning, and repeat them to myself (and really believe them), time will tell whether they work or not.


Do you believe in affirmations? If so, what are some of yours? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.